Advisory Council

Fulton T. Crews, Ph.D. (full bio)

John Andrews Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry; Director of the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Krista Lisdahl, Ph.D. (full bio)

Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of Brain Imaging and Neuropsychology (BraIN) laboratory, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Joseph E. Gutierrez, MD, FACS (full bio)

Veterans Affairs Medical Center, WVA, American Medical Association, American and International Colleges of Surgeons member

Daniel Clauw, M.D. (full bio)

Professor, Anesthesiology, Medicine, and Psychiatry, Univ. of Michigan

Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, M.D.  (full bio)

Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University

Chief Lonnie Westphal (full bio)

Former Chief, Colorado State Patrol

Judge Linda Chezem (full bio)

Professor, Purdue University; chair, Indiana Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group


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